14th Tatto expo Ljubljana – Tattoo contest

Sobota / Saturday:

1. Realistic / color

2. Realistic / black and grey

3. Avantgarde

4. Traditional (old school, neotraditional,ornamental)

5. Best of Saturday

Nedelja / Sunday:

1. Color / anything-free choice

2. Black and grey / anything-free choice

3. Best of Collaboration

4. Best of Sunday

5. Best of show


-Color realism is a type of fine art that uses color to create a realistic and full image of an object or person.

-Black and grey realism is a type of fine art that uses only black and grey to create a realistic and full image of an object or person.

-Avant Garde is an expressive and unusual, modern style of tattooing. In the absence of strict rules and exacting formulas, Avant Garde tattoo artists are free to experiment with varying classical and modern techniques, resulting in truly unique and unconventional tattoo designs.

-Traditional tattoos are characterised by the lack of shading and presence of bold, gaudy colours.Traditional tattoos are renowned for their bold, flat colors. Predominantly, the palette includes primary colors, with a lot of reds, yellows, and blues. While black, of course, plays a significant role, greens and browns are also used. Iconic Imagery: This style is known for its iconic motifs.

-Collaboration: When we have done a collaboration tattoo, then each team member puts together a separate design. Then we come together, discuss each design, see what we like, and combine it to a big piece.







Pravila / Rules:

Tattoo artist se lahko z istim tattoo-jem prijavi v kategorijo v katero tattoo spada in v Best of day ali Best of show.
Vsi zmagovalni tattoo-ji v kategoriji gredo avtomatično v Best of show.
Vsi tatuji morajo biti začeti in končani na Tattoo expo Ljubljana.

Tattoo artist can apply with the same tattoo in the category to which the tattoo belongs and in Best of day or Best of show.
All winning tattoos in the category automatically go to Best of show.
All tattoos must be started and finished at Tattoo Expo Ljubljana.